Macintyre Horses Testimonials

Thanks to all who have sent in  messages. Here are some I have recieved.


Image of horse on Fiona macintyres testimonial pageI bought Dash from Fiona last summer and he has turned into my horse of a lifetime. Fiona told me that he was a sweetheart to work around and indeed you couldn't ask for a better mannered and placid horse. Nothing fazes him and I would trust anyone with him. I am always asked if he would ever be up for sale, but he has a home for life! He has stunning paces and is an exciting and enjoyable ride. Dressage and Show Image of horse on Fiona macintyres testimonial pageJumping trainers alike have been very impressed with him and he is the only horse I know who trots onto the gallops in a nice outline, gallops at full speed and then walks off at the end of a buckle! He is a star, just like Fiona said he would be. Whenever I mention to trainers where he came from, they always have kind words to say about Fiona and I really enjoy the fact that she always asks about him and is keen to know how he is progressing.

Hope you are well.

H xxx

Image of horse on Fiona macintyres testimonial pageHi Fiona,

I hope you are well!!!

I don't know if you remember Papagino - 5 year old gorgeous skewbald I bought nearly a year ago from you.

Just thought I would email to say he is still fabulous and coming on well. Being placed practically every time out. I have taken things slowly with him and had lots of lessons to help the flatwork etc. He is sitting top of Howe Equest Centre Dress League at the minute, got 9th at his first BE at Strathallan a few weeks ago and got 3rd at Drumclog BE yesterday with a 24.5 dressage score. He gave me a brilliant run! He did super at the recent Fife Riding Club showing show getting 1st in the coloured class, 2nd in riding club horse and 3rd in working hunter.

He is an absolute sweetheart and is going to be a fabulous all round event horse which is what I wanted.

Thank you again Fiona.

Kind regards

Jacqui McAdam

Image of horse on Fiona macintyres testimonial pageHi Fiona,

I hope you and your family are well. I wanted to drop you an email to update you with Lucas’ progress.

We seem to be getting on really well together - I think you were right that we would be a good match.

We have been doing some unaffiliated jumping at local shows and have always come home with at least one ribbon I’m now thinking about starting some BS amateur and novice/discovery classes, thanks so much for your help in buying Lucas, he really is a dream horse!
Louise xx

Hi Fiona,

horse and rider on macintyre horses testimonial pageJust a quick update on George, so far everything is going well (touch wood)! Jumped him at Port Royal on Thursday and we won the Foxhunter! Im taking him to Arena UK tomorrow for our last chance @ qualifing for the scope 1.20m.

I have attached some photos of him jumping last month. Hope you are well, Talk soon.


Image of horse on Fiona macintyres testimonial pageThis is Malcolm, my Irish cob, who I purchased from Fiona MacIntyre in January 2013.

Thank you Fiona, for selling me such a wonderful horse. He was everything you said he was and much more.



We bought a 14.2 pony from Fiona about 6 months ago. This has given us adequate time to write an accurate testimony of the pony ‘Ocean Breeze II’
My previous dealings with many dealers has been fairly good but generally I have been told that the pony/horse had done much more than it had or that the pony/horse would be suitable when I knew it  was not what exactly what I wanted!

The pony which we bought from Fiona was EVERYTHING that she said it was and has been placed under rules at 1.m and 1.10 m, has taken myself at 45 around small unaffiliated courses and is also quiet enough for my 12 year old son.

The thing I liked most about Fiona is that she quickly assessed what we wanted and then decided whether the pony would suit our needs. She also enquired about our facilities experience etc as she had promised the previous owners that she would find a suitable and loving home for their pony. Therefore for anybody who wants to sell or trade in a very loved pony or horse, Fiona certainly took great care with this pony.

I cannot thank Fiona enough for selling us this pony.

Image of horse on Fiona macintyres testimonial page








To Fiona

Thank you for all the time you spent helping me to pick a horse.  Throughout you have been helpful and kind, and we all absolutley adore Honey.  Everyone has been very complimentary about the horse and I shall be recomending you to other people who are in search of their dream horse!

Love Hannah


Image of horse on Fiona macintyres testimonial pageA month on and Martin and Bentley are getting on very well and last weekend they competed in their first hunter trial together!  If you remember, up until then Martin hadn’t jumped a stick, but with the help of Bentley (an old hand at the jumping game) and a few jumping lessons together they jumped a  2 foot 6 inches novice course of 30 obstacles, completing it in great style.  Martin is now hoping to enter a few more competitions before the start of the hunting season.   

Kind regards

Fiona Ramsay

Image of horse on Fiona macintyres testimonial pageHi Fiona,

Hope you are well and just thought I’d give you an update on how Boston (now named Bob!) is getting on.  He is loving his new life.

 He has been an absolute angel out hacking and is perfect with even the heaviest of traffic, we saw a double decker bus on our first hack and he didn’t bat an eyelid. We will be going to our first common ridings in July and he is going to some local shows soon to try out some coloured ridden classes.   he is exactly what we were looking for so thanks very much.

Nicola xxx

Hi Fiona,  

Image of horse on Fiona macintyres testimonial pageI bought Finley my 15hh Irish bred horse. He is fabulous, he has the sweetest of natures and is a real character. Fiona told me all he was capable of and she was right - he is a little star. He jumps so well and is super in the heaviest of traffic and is an all round great horse. So far we have been to three showjumping competitions and so far we have had three double clears with a 2nd, 3rd & 6th placing. Finley is a one in a million horse to me.  




Image of horse on Fiona macintyres testimonial pageMum asked me to send you some photos of Striker to go with the reference. I'm sorry as they aren't really that good. Hope they will do. Still love my horse to bits.Image of horse on Fiona macintyres testimonial page

Thanks again.


x x

Image of horse on Fiona macintyres testimonial pageHi Fiona

Just sending a picture of how Zita and I are doing. I'm back jumping, not very high yet, but better than crosspoles. She has given me so much more confidence, and we are getting on well together. She has had a good season. She has won a ridden hunter class, and also a dressage competition. We came fourth in the working hunter shown in the photo. Knocked the first fence down, which was the smallest on the course, but never mind. I've enjoyed this year competing again. Hope you are well. Love.


Hi Fiona,
Image of horse on Fiona macintyres testimonial pageIt's Ayeisha here, my mum bought Cardigan (dappled grey horse) from you for my christmas and he is the best present I have ever had!
Just thought I'd let you know how he is getting on.We started competing in some of local unaffiliated shows in march and since then he's been doing really well, we've managed to have quite a few wins!
So far he has won 31 rosettes, a few trophies and we are at the top of the leaderboard for the lasswade summer points, now everyone wants to buy him!!

Image of horse on Fiona macintyres testimonial pageIn September I am going to Oatridge college and Cardi is coming with me as we are hoping to join BSJA soon and the facilities are better for him up there.
I have tried to attach some photos of him from the Drum show, but I'm not sure if they will work.

Thanks again for such an amazing horse and I hope you and your new baby are doing well.

Image of horse on Fiona macintyres testimonial pageHi, thought you might like to see some pictures of Milly at our first show
together, she got a couple of clear rounds and came second in the riding
club horse.

Image of horse on Fiona macintyres testimonial pageShe wasn't keen on having the rosette on her bridle which is why someone is holding it in most of the pictures!

See you soon,